Our Fantasy Picks for GW1


Ivanovic Mertesacker Cedric

Walcott Lallana Hazard Barkley

Costa van-Wolfswinkel Rooney

Leicester are a good shout to keep a clean sheet against Sunderland.
Chelsea are the big guns and can't / shouldn't be overlooked.
Lallana & Walcott are fantasticly good pre-season.
S'hampton play the dreadful Newcastle, who will be booed off their home park in GW1.
Everton are likely to put a few past Watford & Barkley is good value.
van Wolfswinkel put a few away in preseason & knows where goal is.
Man Utd have epic mids now, and Rooney is the sole forward.

A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Greetings from the inaugural 2013/14 FF desk. Round one is complete, and two nearly so. Will the points table of midfielders still be this tight once Chelski plays its second gameweek match? Yes, he said rhetorically.

So RVP had a cracking first week and everyone who doesnt have him is sucking eggs right now. Should you bring him in, I hear you ask? No! Man Utd has two more tough games before the international break after GW3, facing Chelski next wk then The Pool the week after. Not exactly goals galore. That said, Imma be loading up my team with some Sweet Sweet Welbeck. Half the price of RVP and his value is going to skyrocket as other suckers, like you, look at his ridonkulous value and say tho themselves "You know what? Imma be loading up on some Sweet Sweet Welbeck". So, Tip-Top Top Tip 1: Welbeck It.

Now, a lot of you newbs are new to the brutal art of FF. First rule of FF is: never go overboard on transfers. Sure, a lot of your teams are rubbish and were autopicked by the website, or that homeless bum on the corner in a dirty Tottenham strip, or your cat, or whatever. And sure you have 6 players who didnt take the field. Resist the temptation to burn 4 points using more than one transfer. Do you know how far RVP has to run to earn 4 points? A long way. So the Golden Rule - don't spend more than 1 transfer per week. The first 'best time' to use your wildcard this season is after GW3 - a lot of the tough early fixtures for the bigger teams are out of the way and you will have enough info to make informed sweeping changes by firing your whole team and replacing them with a clone of mine. Everyone knows theres a lot more dignity in defeat than the brightest victory. Words to chew over, Jimmy, if that is your real name.

Final consideration for the week: gameweek 3 has no Chelski game, so since like half of all our squads are made up of Chelski, consider your transfers this week carefully. You dont need to get rid of all your Chelski players but do try my Dilmah tea. Quite lovely, isnt it? While we take this moment of calm, perhaps consider ensuring all 3 of your subs play 90 minutes regularly. That way your favoritest Chelski players can have a KitKat on GW, 3 and your squad wont lose too many pts. But who are the best cheap subs? Why not our own favorite All White, Winston Reid? Why not Norwich's Whittaker?  Hell, why not Zoidberg?


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